Your gateway to the cutting edge Experience Lab

Introducing iNFINITE Experience Lab

Welcome to the iNFINITE Experience Lab, a unique space where cutting-edge virtual reality and neuroscience technologies come together to inspire, educate, and impress. Housing an extensive collection of VR headsets and innovative neuroscience tools, the Experience Lab showcases the evolution and potential of these groundbreaking technologies.

At your own riskWhat can you experience?

  • Almost every VR headset ever made
  • Augmented reality glasses
  • Clinical grade qEEG
  • Transcranial biophoto modulation
  • Various tDCS devices

Open to the public, the iNFINITE Experience Lab offers a captivating experience that demonstrates the transformative power of VR, AR, and neuroscience. Visitors can explore the endless possibilities these technologies hold for driving innovation, optimizing performance, and enhancing well-being, guided by our knowledgeable team.

Experience the future with iNFINITE Production at our one-of-a-kind Experience Lab, where the possibilities are truly infinite.

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