Dance For Life

Unique attraction for music festival

Follow the dancer on stage, and as you enjoy yourself your dance moves are converted to donations for charity. Developed for Liberty Steel Group, the current version is third version of a legendary attraction, that has been capturing the attention of thousands of festival goers since 2010.

The most recent iteration in Dance For Life 2023+ version

The core of the game is simpleDance Your Heart Out

A professional dancer on stage, whose moves you will follow, is backlit by the real time audiovisualization of the song that is being played. Fret not and just follow their lead - the closer you are able to match their movements, the more points you will earn!


At the end of each song, you will be shown how well you did point-wise and the best dancer is awarded a special prize by event’s sponsor. Those points you are also converted into real money that is added up and given to charities at the end of the event. It’s as simple as that, move your body and the sponsor will help those in need.

How we determine you movementThe tracking system

All bracelets transmit data wirelessly to our system, where we automatically clean them up and compare your moves to the master dancer. You're awarded score each second based on how well are you following him.

It also allows us to monitor all bracelets, so we know when they run of out battery and can replace the battery in time.

How are we watching you move The Bracelet

Before you enter the dancing area, you get a bracelet. The bracelet is equipped with a motion sensor, that tracks your movement. The braceler also have LEDs that light up in different colors so you can see how you are doing.

The master dancer has exactly the same bracelet, so we can compare your moves to his.

Using Microsoft Kinect at the edge of possibiltiies 2013-2019 version

In 2013 we've switched to Kinect and introduced the master dancer concept, that's still in use today. The master dancer is a professional dancer, that's dancing on stage and you're trying to follow his moves.

Using Kinect was another challenge, as it's not suitable to use outside, not suitable in dusty environment and definitely not ready to be used by project like this. But we've managed to make it work.

One master dancer on stage, 6 players in the dancing area and full tent of people watching and cheering.

New purpose for Dance Pads! 2010-2012 version

The first idea instance of Dance for Life even predates iNFINITE, but it was executed by what about later become iNFINITE team. Using state of art dance pads, we've modified open source StepMania to count money. And it was a huge success.

Massive media coverage, thousands of people dancing and helping a noble cause. And even several people decided to write their thesis about it.

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