Synchronous virtual reality video playback SyncPlayer

SyncPlayer is framework for synchronous video playback in VR headsets that can be used in cinemas and attractions, working over WiFi delivery precise synchronization. Build for Oculus android based headsets such as Oculus Go and Quest.

What we have to offer? Features

  • Up to 4K stereo playback is supported
  • 100ms sync precision, which is enough even for motion simulator, external sound or effects
  • WiFi based, on cables required.
  • .NET based controller that can be operated from dedicated app or integrated into control systems
  • Unlimited number of headsets as long as your network can handle it.
  • Interactivity the entire platform is based on Unreal Engine 4.0, so we can add interactivity as needed
  • Video blending We found a way how to seamlessly blend 4K videos on android.

What we offer And what else we can do it for your HOW TO GET IT

SyncPlayer can help you with various situations, from one off event experiences to pernament autonomous installation. We can work you to customize the platform for your needs. So get in touch and we can talk about it. For events we also offer VR headsets for rent

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