Experience for R.Jelinek museum of Slivovitz! Become a plum

What does it feel like to be a plum, to be born in an orchard, haversted, fermented, distilled and aged to finally become a tasty Slivovitz?
You can find out in Museum of Slivovitz in Prague.

What we did on the project OUR Contribution

AVMedia teamed up with us to deliver this experience, other companies were invoved for additional modelling, material, postprocess and sound. The whole production was led and coordinated by AVMedia a.s.

  • Initial prototypes - During negotiation with the client we're delivered several prototypes to showcase possibilities of modern VR
  • Storyboards
  • Immersive pre-visualition
  • Orchand scene - completely modelled and textured
  • Production line scene - completely modelled and animated
  • iNFINITE SyncPlayer is being used on-site for control of the attraction

The entire project was done in Unreal Engine and then rendered for use in Oculus Quest.

how does it looks like Gallery

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